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A) AA related literature including:
    - Big Books   
    - 12 & 12's
    - Various other AA World Services and Grapevine
      publications including:
      "Living Sober"
      "Came to Believe"
      "Experience, Strength & Hope"
      "Daily Reflections"
      "As Bill Sees It"
      "Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers"
      "Pass It On"
      And Many more
   - Various Hazelden Publications including:
      "24 Hours a Day"
      "Drop the Rock"
     "Walk in Dry Places"
      And Many more

- Over 40 different AA Pamphlets  
B) AA Anniversary Medallions:
         - 24 Hours and 1 thru 11 Month Aluminum 
         - 1 Year thru 50+ Years Bronze
         - 1 Year thru 50+ Year Gold Plate
         - 1 Year thru 50+ Year Tri-plate

AA Coin

 C) AA Theme Coffee Cups, Prayer Cards and Greeting Cards
 D) Big Book & 12 &12 Book Covers,  
      AA Jewelry and Gift Items