Ted H. Past Archivist Narrates: Ok, this is Jean Martin or Jean Cotter are the two names you'll find printed most often about her, and that's the photograph of her. There's her house, pictured in three spots above, on the left and right are earlier pictures, the top left as it looked in1995, located on Jefferson. Back in the day, the idea is that this little tree in the foreground here was small and was planted by some family members of some of the first people who got sober, in appreciation for her starting the meetings. The first Springfield Missouri AA group, group meetings were held in 1950 and that was the tree in 1995. That little thing there grew into this big huge thing (pictured in upper left above). So it's even bigger now it survived all the ice storms. Who are all these people (Lissa F, Current Archivist, denoting the signatures lower right of picture above),  those are some signatures that were trimmed out from letters that were written to her in appreciation of her help, so they would be some of the first AA group members.