Bridge the Gap


Part of Bridging the Gap between a treatment program and A.A. is the Temporary Contact Program, which is designed to help the alcoholic in an alcoholism treatment program make that transition.

As you know, one of the more “slippery” places in the journey to sobriety is between the door of the facility and the nearest A.A. group or meeting. Some of us can tell you that, even though we heard of A.A. in treatment, we were too fearful to go.

A.A. experience suggests that attending meetings regularly is critical. In order to bridge the gap, A.A. members have volunteered to be temporary contacts and introduce newcomers to Alcoholics Anonymous.

The video “Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous,” shown to patients in treatment, emphasizes the importance of having a temporary contact as the essential link between treatment and recovery.

It is suggested that the temporary contact take the newcomer to a variety of A.A. meetings; introduce him or her to other A.A.’s; insure that he or she has the phone numbers of several A.A. members, and share the experience of sponsorship and a home group.

If you are interested in becoming a temporary contact for someone completing a treatment facility program, please email either chairperson.

Or attend a district meeting where you live.

Current Activities Include:

We focus on providing persons in institutions with the opportunity to have contacts made with members of AA. When our committee meets, we discuss how effective Bridging the Gap is functioning as a program and that contacts are being fulfilled, therefore, meeting the needs of alcoholics who are involved with an institution.

Groups Can...

Groups can make sure that their districts/groups have a BTG committee.

The BTG committees are currently doing BTG presentations and making contacts between the facilities and AA.

To request a temporary contact please fill out the form below -

Northern Bridge the Gap Chairperson:
Southern Bridge the Gap Chairperson:
To contact the Bridge the Gap Chairpersons please go the the "Email Us" page